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  • We have MANY years of experience.
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You concentrate on what
you are good at, leave the
boring bits to us…….

You concentrate on what you are good at, leave the boring bits to us…….

Hiya, I am Glenda

I moved to the beautiful Bay of Plenty from Cape Town, South Africa in June 2009. When we are not working, my husband, Darryn, and I are either at our favourite beach spot putting out our Seahorse Kontitki longline or we are spending time with our Whānau.

One of my biggest achievements is taking over the finance and business administration of our painting and decorating company in 2010, when it was in the red and transforming it into the black within 15 months.

I can assure you, it is extremely daunting dealing with the IRD when your Company is so in arrears with various Tax Services. One feels like an ostrich and all you want to do is bury your head in the sand.

I have over a quarter century’s finance and accounts experience, primarily dealing with various stakeholders in the ‘new home’ residential build process. Over the past few years, I have assisted numerous individuals in setting up and opening their own successful Companies. It is so rewarding seeing people following their dreams and opening up their own Companies.

Services we offer include completing small business’s accounts, using Xero.

All accounts payable and receivable, monthly invoicing, business forecasting, completing and submitting bi-monthly GST returns, weekly payroll, typing up quotations, HR support, compiling and updating Health and Safety policies and documentation and scheduling in all new projects and maintenance work.

In South Africa, I worked in the private sector, working in the Financial Services Industry for 13 years, predominantly at Companies that deal specifically with the Property Industry (Bridging Finance). Bridging Finance (Factoring) is a niche market dealing specifically with Attorney Firms (Conveyancers and their Secretaries), Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators and private individuals, who we would advance monies too for a specified period of time, based on the Clients profit percentage in their Building/Property Registration.

I have worked in all aspects of the Bridging Finance Industry, starting off as a Marketing Coordinator and working through various positions: Marketing/Sales Consultant, Mortgage Originator, Client Account Administrator to Office Manager and Risk Controller.

Starting a new business

Simple steps to follow to successfully start your business

Accounts payable

We manage your accounts payable


GST processing and filing

Company register maintenance

We help you with Company Register Maintenance

Business Plans

Assistance with writing of Business plans & finance applications


Manging payroll for your business

Invoice Collections

Following up overdue debtors

Office setup and system streamlining

Advice on apps and tools to streamline business processes


Sending quotes and invoices to your clients

Pay day filing

We manage payday filing

H&S and HR system basics

Advice on apps and tools to streamline business processes

General Admin / Spreadsheets

Providing general assistance

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