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“Glenda’s advice and experience has been invaluable to me. She provided me with expert advice in relation to how to set up my business and tax returns. I am impressed with her knowledge and understanding of small businesses, business accounting and taxation. Glenda is a very friendly and approachable person. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”

Albert Jovner

Director at AMGA Konsultant Limited

“When I first started with Glenda I had so many bills and fines I was really struggling to the point of getting loans to cover them not getting ahead at all. Glenda sorted my fines and bills out as a favour to me and for that I am forever grateful to her I am now debt free thanks to her. She sorted my loans out dealt with them directly on my behalf.. 

I can call her anytime with questions relating to my business and she is always more than happy to help A+++++

 I cannot recommend Glenda highly enough! Incredibly helpful and talked me through everything step by step. No matter what i say here…you will not understand just how great a service she provides until you have used her.”

Callum Rogers

Director – Mixed Emulsions Ltd



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